Willow Beach is located in Mohave County on the Arizona side of the Colorado River. The turn off is just 14 Miles south of Hoover Dam and another 3.5 miles off Highway 93.

As the gateway to the Black Canyon, Willow Beach sees a lot of visitors who come here to launch their boats or to rent boats. The Colorado is very calm below the dam and the high canyon walls usually keep out any winds.

Willow Beach has a convenience store, a launch ramp, boat rentals and marine fueling facilities. Willow beach is a beautiful place to go fishing and bring your camera for a once in a lifetime photographic experience!

The exquisite Black Canyon region of the Colorado River, varying from sheer cliffs of multicolored rocks to sandy beaches and secluded coves. It is a premier location for your favorite outdoor activity such as hiking, rafting, boating or fishing. Enjoy the warm desert sun year round as you explore more than 235 miles of shoreline.

This beautiful geological area is conducive to wildlife watching with Big Horn sheep and the Great Blue heron native to the area. After a day of exploring the Black Canyon region, relax in the natural hot springs, near Willow Beach.

From artifacts found along the Colorado River, Willow Beach must have been a prehistoric trading center. The Basketmaker Indians from Lost City started camping at Willow Beach around 250 B.C.

For a while, only the Amargosa people, from the areas to the west, came. Possibly by 750 A.D., the late Basketmaker people were visiting the area again.

Sea shells, steatite, and asphaltum from the Pacific Coast were traded for salt, pottery, textiles and other items from the interior. After 1150 A.D., the Shoshoneans mainly camped at Willow Beach.

Paiutes were in Black Canyon area in 1858 when Lieutenant Ives brought his steamboat up the Colorado River.

Before Davis Dam, Willow Beach was a well-known fishing camp on the Colorado River, and even today the trout fishing is unsurpassed in the cold waters below Hoover Dam.

Highway 95 Scenic View Overlooks of Willow Beach and the Colorado River
are located at Mile Post 13 when northbound, mile 12.5 southbound.
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